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Friends! Exciting news! As I mentioned in a previous post, BIG THINGS were on the way for this blog. As of June 10, 2019, Effectively Yours Blog is now Effectively Yours, LLC!!

Yes! We are now a new business! Thank you all for the overwhelming support for this blog and its mission. I am deeply humbled and committed to this journey.

I’m So Excited for You! How Can I Help?

Your support is vital in spreading the word about the significance and importance of non-academic skills. Listed below are ways you can stay connected as well as share the mission!

  • Visit the new, informational, and eye-catching website which includes a link to this blog as well! (Blog website will still be active) Click HERE to view our new website.
  • Become a subscriber! I promise you WILL NOT be inundated with emails. Scouts Honor. Click HERE for more information.
  • Like the Effectively Yours, LLC FaceBook Page. Click HERE to be taken to this fantastic page!
  • Follow Effectively Yours, LLC on Instagram. Click HERE to stay abreast of information hot off the press!
  • Effectively Yours, LLC can also be followed on TWITTER and LINKEDIN.
  • Google Effectively Yours, LLC and review the business listing (I’m so excited about it!)
  • SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this information with everyone you know! WE are the solution in getting our youth and young adults college and career ready and beyond!

What’s Next for Effectively Yours, LLC?

Stay connected to be the FIRST to receive info and exclusive offers! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Back to School offers
  • eBook
  • Weekly Instagram and Facebook Live sessions
  • and so much more!

Once again, a HUMBLED and HUGE THANK YOU for believing in this platform. The work has just started! We won’t stop!

Effectively Yours,

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