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I know it’s happens to you. You’ve been a victim of poor professionalism. You enter a fast-food restaurant and the employees give you bad service because they’re angry that you walked in. Perhaps, the retail associate at your favorite department store continuously checks his/her phone after each ding instead of completing your purchase. Or maybe, a meeting at work goes left because your co-worker insulted an international client. The scenarios are infinite; however, they are becoming much more frequent, especially among our youth.

The Millennial Mindset

I always get tickled when my husband comes home from work. I love how he gripes about the Millennial work ethic. Before I go on, please read my disclaimer: My husband is not categorizing all Millennials, only the ones he works with.

His main complaint is the Millennial excessive tardiness. They come to work late, all of the time. His younger counterparts claim that it’s a struggle to get to work on time. As a result, they casually walk into work at 9:15 am during 9 am meetings. However, what makes this comical is that they are really supposed to be at work by 8:30 am. Additionally, my husband also has a problem with the lack of respect the Millennials have for the job entrusted to them. The sense of entitlement they display has a tendency to negatively impact their performance. Unfortunately, this age group has not yet picked up on that correlation.

Let’s Find a Solution

To my new graduates, high school and college, this video below gives a quick rundown on the non-academic skills necessary for a successful career. Watch it. If you don’t have a handle on all of these skills, you have some work to do. (I’ll be happy to help you).

Source: InIT Learning

But wait, there’s more. Since, I know this generation is visually motivated, here is another graphic that is a clear depiction of the importance of professionalism. Read it.

It’s simple, young people. Use the video and the infographic to work on perfecting this non-academic skill. If you aspire to become successful in anything that you do, professionalism will be key. Networking events, collaborations with colleagues, business meetings, and business dinners with clients all require elite professionalism if you intend to seal the deal.

Congratulations, Graduates!

To all’ of those graduating this year, congratulations! I would like to give a BIG shout out to my daughter, Kaylen, who will be graduating from high school this year. I’m very excited about what the future holds for her! My advice to you all, although unsolicited (lol), is to go into the next phase of your life with the mindset of building a legacy. Always focus on the REASON why you are choosing that particular path to travel. Then, focus on the outcome, the result, that you plan on achieving once the journey is over. Stay driven. Stay hungry. Stay professional. Good luck to you all!

Coming Soon!

Friends, I am so thrilled about what is coming down the pipeline for Effectively Yours! Thank you to everyone who continue to support this mission. I am so grateful for the kind words of encouragement and confirmation I receive regarding this work. I have no problem being the “Non-Academic Skills Pioneer” because I strongly believe in what I’m doing. Next month will elevate Effective Yours to another level, and I’m ready for it. Buckle up, Friends! Oh, and as always, READ, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE!

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