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Hello, friends! It’s been a great inaugural week for Effectively Yours! Thank you for the overwhelming support! Please continue to spread the word about this blog. Together, we will create effective and positive impacts on students, one child at a time. Now, today’s vocabulary word is…organized. Keep reading.

Since it’s Friday, I thought we would have some fun! Monday’s topic will be about organization and I will discuss how students can become more organized. First, I would like to collect some data on this topic. If you would be so kind, please complete this quick survey about your child’s organizational skills. It only takes about one minute!

Also, please have your child self-assess his/her organizational skills. Add some extra laughs (and quality time) by completing the survey together. I’m sure your child will be tickled to see how you rate them. Parents, if you have more than one child, complete more than one survey if you like! Share this survey with everyone you know! The more data the better! Remember Subscribe and Share this blog!

Click the link below. Enjoy!


Survey Sources:
Alison Lepard, Westland Middle School, Montgomery County Public Schools-Rockville, Maryland.
West Virginia Department of Education

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